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7 Part Beginner Stained Glass Class Video

Beginner Video Project
$70 for one month access, $85 for two months, or $95 for three months
($50/$60, $65 for student that have taken Great Glass Galore's beginner stained glass class)


Learn how to do stained glass at home by following along with the Great Glass Galore beginner stained glass 7 part instructional videos. Owner/Instructor, Linda Ehlers, guides you through the process of making an 11x14” fifteen piece stained glass copper foil project (sun/lake/grass/mountains/tree scene).  These videos cover pattern making, jig making, cutting, grinding, fitting, foiling, soldering, metal framing, adding hooks, applying patina, and cleaning.  These videos are available on YouTube or on an encrypted memory stick that you can pick up or have mailed to your house. Click here to see the introduction to the stained glass class video.


For help, call or text Linda with questions for free, call on the “Duo” App at a cost of $24/hour, or schedule private lesson time at $36 for one person or $48 for two.

TOOLS:  $315-$450 (plus Tax)

You will need to have your own tools/home studio set up to do this project at home.  A list of required tools and their cost is provided.  You can buy these through Great Glass Galore or obtain them on your own.

Tools, Materials, & Supply List For Beginner Stained Glass Video Project can be found here.

MATERIALS:  $75 (includes Tax)

You can pay one materials fee  (or obtain your own supplies), which covers all the materials for the 11x14” mountain/sun scene shown in the videos.  This includes glass, copper foil, solder, flux, framing, hooks, chain, and glass polish. (Note:  Windex, 91% Alcohol, and patina not provided.)  A list of materials needed is also provided with the tools list.

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Beginner Stained Glass Examples

4 Week In Studio Group Class Fees- $135 Beginner / $100 Non-Beginner

(Non-beginners can drop in on 1 day for $30.)

Due to Covid-19 in studio group classes are currently not available.

Private lessons are available at $36/hour for one person or $48/hour for two people.


Beginners:Make 1 project of 15 pieces or less learning all the steps of the copper foil method (cutting, grinding, fitting, foiling, soldering, and framing). Try Great Glass Galore tools the 1st week, then purchase or rent tools by the 2nd week. Choose from over 3 dozen beginner 11x14" patterns. Also learn to patina solder in the 5 week class.

Non-Beginners:Work on whatever you want at your own pace. Some of the different types of projects you can work on are lamps, boxes, clocks, large windows, fusing, mosaics, stepping stones, beveled snowflakes, or another stained glass panel.

NOTE: Materials and tools NOT INCLUDED in class fee. Material costs vary greatly depending upon the size of the project and glass selection. Rent in-class tools for $20 for the 4 weeks, or purchase tools for $106-188. Beginners have the option of paying an all inclusive fee for an 11"x14" beginner project (class fee $89 + tool rental $20 + materials $64.55 + tax on materials $5.45) of $179 ($189 for 5 week class). Please see our Supplies Page for more information on tool prices and required tools.

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General In Studio Group Class Information

Tools, Materials, & Supply List For Beginner Stained Glass Video Project can be found here.

Great Glass Galore is a home-based business. Due to that...

  • Class fee is due upon registration, or a check must be received within 7 days of registering.
  • Class fee is only refundable if you cancel 48 hours or more ahead of the first class.  This gives me time to fill your spot.
  • Missed Classes:  Must be made up within 1 month of the last class of the session.
  • Cancelled classes (due to weather or instructor illness) must be made up on the day class is rescheduled by the instructor.
  • Class size is limited to 6 students.  Once the classes are filled, your name will be first on the waiting list for the next session, or another class session may be opened by the instructor.
  • Students will park and meet 15 minutes before class at the Rock Creek Pool and Tennis courts on the Southeast corner of Rock Creek Parkway and Indiana Street.  From there, you can walk 5 minutes to my house, or drive over together in my car or one other car.  I drive a red explorer.  The instructor will meet you at the pool the first day of class to introduce everyone and take you to the house.
  • If you are allergic to cats, don't sign up for a class or take precautions.
  • If you have heath issues with your vision or hands, please call and talk with the instructor before signing up for class.
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