Beginner Stained Glass Required Tools List

Prices subject to change.  Prices updated June 2020.  Cash/Check/Visa/MasterCard/Discover accepted

The starred (*) items are the recommended tools, & the dashed (--) items are the basic tool package if multiple options.

Take 10% of of items 1-10 if you purchase ALL of them from Great Glass Galore.  

$314-$358 plus tax to purchase all 11 items.

     Tools                                                                   Price      Notes

     1.  Bench Brush                                                   $8.00     

     2.  Grozing Pliers                                                        

       --   a)  Choice – blue handle                              $9.00

        *  b)  Fan Out Hook-Nose – green handle     $27.00

     3.  Running Pliers - Choice Metal                    $10.00     

     4.  Glass Marking Pen - Staedtler Black Fine     $4.00      or Superfine

     5.  Glass Marking Pen - Silver Sharpie               $3.25      For dark glass colors.

     6.  Glass Cutter:  (Free oil fill or bring empty jam jar for 6b. 6b you dip in oil.  Rest of cutters hold oil.)

      --    a)  Fletcher Carbide Wheel -pattern wheel $26.00

       *   b)  Fletcher Pistol Grip Cutter                   $45.00     

       c)  Toyo Comfort-grip Supercutter            $29.00     

            d)  Toyo Custom Grip Tap Wheel Cutter  $35.00     

            e)  Toyo Thomas Grip Cutter                    $29.00     

            f)   Toyo Pistol Grip                                  $35.00     

            g)   Choice cutter                                       $14.00     

     7.  Soldering Iron - Hakko FX-601                   $82.00     

     8.  Choice Soldering Iron Stand                        $17.50

     9.  Fid to burnish foil:

        * a.) Sharpened Wooden Dowl                       $1.00

            b.) Acrylic Fid"l Stick                                  $3.50

     10.  Flux brush                                                      $.40

     11. Glass Grinders – Glastar Superstar II       $179.00

Other tools recommended, but not required:

     .  Safety Glasses                                                 $5.00      Needed if you don"t wear glasses.

     .  Glass Eye Shield Support for Grinder           $18.00      Must wear safety glass and dust mask while grinding

                                                                                                if don"t have eye shield.

     .  Weller Smoke Absorber                                $89.00      Vents solder fumes.  Must have good ventilation

                                                                                                or solder outside.

     .  Cutting Surface:

            a.  Melamine 16x12" board                         $5.00

            b.  Melamine 16x24" board                       $10.00

     .  Fiskar Micro-Tip Scissors                              $14.50

     .  Needle Nose Pliers                                            PAH      To hold jump rings while soldering and put chain

                                                                                                on jump rings.  Can also use grozing pliers for this.

     .  Heavy Duty Wire Cutters                                  PAH      To cut zinc frame.  Instructor will cut zinc frame to size

                                                                                                if purchased through GGG.

     *PAH = Purchase at Hardware Store


NOTE:   DO NOT solder if pregnant or breast feeding.

Wear safety glasses when cutting, soldering, or applying patina.

Beginner Materials Fee $75 ($69.16 + 5.84 tax)

Covers enough of the following materials to complete an 11x14" project.

  1. Glass priced $12/pound and under. 
  2. Foil – 7/32 black backed foil
  3. Solder – 60/40 solder
  4. Flux – Glastar liquid flux
  5. 3/16" u zinc framing
  6. 1 foot nickel (or black) chain
  7. 2 jump rings (made of tinned copper wire)
  8. Clarity Glass Finishing Compound (polish)
  9. Copy of Pattern
  10. Transparencies copy of pattern for pattern pieces
  11. Dura-lar waterproofing for jig
  12. Jig Rental
  13. Cutting Oil
  14. Patina Directions
  15. 5 pieces of 3x3" practice glass
  16. Beginner cutting practice patterns

Other Supplies Needed

  1. Original Windex
  2. 91% Alcohol or greater percentage.
  3. Paper Towels
  4. Cotton Balls
  5. Two Old Kitchen Towels or Cloth Rags.
  6. Disposable Gloves
  7. Scotch Bright Heavy Duty Scour Pads (if applying patina to solder)
  8. Black Patina (if applying patina to solder and frame)
  9. Apron
  10. Electrical Tape
  11. Scissors (Preferably small and pointy.  I like Fiskar Micro-Tip scissors No. 5)

Jig Supplies (If you make your own jig.)

( GGG Supplies jig with pattern on loan with materials fee, or pay $5 rental fee or $10 purchase fee.)


  1. Pattern
  2. Dura-lar (or other see through plastic like Milar or Transparencies) to waterproof pattern
  3. Particle Board
  4. Wood Firring Strips
  5. #17x1" Wire Nails
  6. Hammer

NOTE:   DO NOT solder if pregnant or breast feeding.

Wear safety glasses when cutting, soldering, or apply patina.