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One Day Glass Classes January-May 2018

By Linda Ehlers - January 19, 2018

$65  (Includes tool rental AND materials.)
Take $5 off if you’ve taken this class before!

JANUARY 27TH Saturday 2-5 PM

*** Glass Fusing Classes/Kiln/Hot Glass Classes ***

$55 Beginner / $45 Non-Beginner (Includes firing fees & tool rental.  Materials separate.)

FEBRUARY 3RD 2018  Saturday Afternoon 2-5 PM
APRIL 7TH  2018  Sunday Afternoon 2-5 PM

$65 (Includes materials. You’ll need your own tools.)

APRIL 21ST Saturday 2-5 PM                                                                   



All students:  Make one or more bowls, plates, tiles, clocks, coasters, jewelry and more. The projects are shaped to ceramic or stainless steel molds and Great Glass Galore has over 60 molds available for student use.  The firing fees for all your projects are included in the class fee, but expect to spend $30-$80 on materials. Glass cutting skills are recommended, but not required. Ask about scheduling an optional 1.25 hour glass cutting workshop (cost $20).   System 96 glass is used during the class.  If you decide to make more projects outside of class and don’t have a kiln, you can pay Great Glass Galore to fire them.
Learn about the materials used in fusing and how to clean and assemble them.  You will also learn a basic firing schedule for a small project, and about the changing properties of glass as it heats and cools.  You will have time to make one large project (up to a 12x12” square or 12” round plate) and several smaller projects.
Non-Beginners:  Just work on projects at your own pace, or learn more details about firing schedules, setting up your own kiln, kiln wash, molds, fiber papers, or other fusing techniques.

Cut, foil, solder and assemble a stained glass snowflake suncatcher using glass, bevels, and globs.  Students without any glass experience will pick a snowflake that needs no cutting, and will learn how to foil & solder them.   Over 18 patterns to choose from.  Tool rental and materials included.  These make great holiday gifts!  Learn how to make one and make many more at home by yourself.
Use soft sterling silver to hold and hang a glass cabachon.  You will need the following jewelry tools:  flat nose plier, round nose plier, thin needle nose plier, diagonal flush wire cutter, hemostat, and 3.22mm crochet hook.   You can purchase them through the teacher.  Please request these at least 8 days ahead of class.  Materials included.