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10% off sale on tools ends Sunday May 31st 2020

By Linda Ehlers - May 26, 2020

Time To Set up Your Workshop
10% Off Tools Below 
Through May 31st, 2020 !

   Brian's Straight Edge Cutter - $145 Sale $130.50 (3 left in stock)
   Glastar Superstar II Grinder - $179 Sale $161.10
   Glastar Eye Shield Support - $18 Sale $16.20
   Glastar Mini Grinding Table - $19 Sale $17.10
   Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron - $82 Sale $73.80
   Choice Soldering Iron - $25 Sale $22.50
   Choice Rheostat - $25 Sale $22.50
   Choice Iron Stand - $17 Sale $15.30
   Choice Running Pliers - $10 Sale $9
   Choice Grozing Pliers - $9 Sale $8.10
   Fanout Breaking and Grozing Pliers - $27 Sale $24.30
   Bench Brush - $8 Sale $7.20
   Glass Cutters  $26-$45 Sale $23.40-$40.50

Other Tools That Are Nice To Have
   Nick's Grinders Mate - $20 Sale $18
   Grinder Cookie - $12.50 Sale $11.25
   Foil Dispenser - $19 Sale $17.10
   Table Foiler - $65 Sale $58.50
   Weller Smoke Absorber - $89 Sale $80.01

Please call, email, text, or click on the "Set Appointment" button on the Great Glass Galore website.  Summer hiking season is in full swing, so I am not available on Thursdsays till after 4, or most weekends.  I plan to be home this weekend May 30th and 31st.  The store will be closed July 11th-18th.  Please wear a mask and hand sanitize when coming into my home store.  Thanks.

(NOTE:  I am looking for a pet sitter that can test blood glucose and give insulin shots that will come to my house in Superior.  If you know anyone, please let me know.)


My Spring Projects.  

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