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New 96 Fusing Valcox Frit blends and purple fusing glass

By Linda Ehlers - June 23, 2020


Ocean Deep (left) - $5/oz
Blue Lotis (right) - $5/oz

Blackberry (left) - $6/oz
Oleander (right)- $6/oz

Customers can now shop in my main floor glass room OR in the fusing supply section of my basement.  Customers must wear a mask and hand santize (or wash hand in my main floor bathroom) when arriving. Only one customer or 2 from the same family allowed in at a time.  Let me know if you will be shopping for fusing supplies and I will sanitize my hand rail before your arrival.   By appointment only.  Call, text, or click on the "Set Appointment" button on my website to stop by.

Classes suspended indefinitely.  Look for video learning from my website come September.

July 2-6
July 11-18
August 8-16

Cheese & Cracker Plate Set - $60
9.75 x 9.75" and 5.75 x 5.75"
Glass:  OGT 347.1F Pale Purple White
            OGT 240.74F Lilac Opal

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