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Spring Stained Glass Classes

By Linda Ehlers - March 14, 2022

*** 4 Week or 2 Day Stained Glass Classes ***
50% class fee deposit ($80 beginners/$60 non-beginners) due
within one week of signing up to reserve your spot.
Balance due first day of class.

     Beginner Project

BEGINNER STAINED GLASS SESSIONS (4 weeks or 2 days $160)
- $75 materials fee or bring your own ($69.16 + $5.84 tax).
- $25 tool rental fee, bring your own, or purchase ($128-$203 + tax).
($160 class fee + $75 materials fee + $25 tool rental = $260 covers everything)

Session 7B:  2 DAY Class 10AM-4:30PM (1 hour for lunch)
                       Sunday March 20th & Saturday March 26th (This class is full.)
Session 5B:  Thursday Evening 6:30-8:45PM —
                        April 7, 14, 21, 28 (This class is full.  Get on the waiting list.)                                   
Session 6B:  Thursday Evening 6:30-8:45PM —
                        May 5, 12, 19, 26 (One spot left for 1 or 2 people coming together.)

Session 9:  Tuesday Evening 6:30-8:45PM (every other week) —              
                        April 12, 26, May 10, 24 
Session 10:  Wednesday Morning 10AM-12:15PM
                        April 6, 13, 20, 27 (This class is full.  Get on the waiting list.)
Session 11:  Wednesday Morning 10AM-12:15PM
                        May 4, 11, 18, 25     

.  COVID: All students in group classes MUST BE vaccinated and masks may be required in group classes.
.  Class fee:  50% of class fee is due within one week of registration.  Remainder due first day of session.
.  50% Class fee deposit is only refundable if you cancel 72 HOURS ahead of the first class.
.  No makeups for missed classes.
.  Cancelled classes (due to weather or instructor illness) must be made up on the day class is rescheduled by the instructor or within 30 days of the last class of the session.
.  Tools and Materials are not included in the class fee.
.  Students required to bring own safety glasses:  Great Glass Galore has new safety glass for $5 each.
.  Students required to wear closed toed shoes:  No sandals or flip flops.  Sorry I don’t sell shoes.
.  2 hour class plus 15 minutes for cleanup:  Classes are scheduled for 2 hours of class time and 15 minutes for cleanup.  If you are still working on you project 5 minutes into the cleanup time,
you will be charged $5 extra for every addition 15 minutes over the 2 hour class time. 
Note:  This does not apply to beginners.
.  Any tools/supplies/glass stored at GGG:  by students will be dispose of after a year of no use.
.  If you are pregnant or breast feeding:  Do not take any of the stained glass classes.
.  Health Concerns:  If you have health issues with hand eye coordination, hand/wrist strength, brain injuries
  or vision problems, please call and talk to the instructor before signing up for class.
*     *      *
CLASS NOTES:  Great Glass Galore is a home based business.  Due to that…
.  Parking: Only 4 cars maximum will be allowed to park at my house.  Please park on street in front of my yard (from mailboxes below my driveway to lamp post above my driveway), or 1 car in the left side and one 1 car on the right side of my driveway.   Please do not park on the other side of the street or block the middle bay of my garage.
.  Class Size:  Is limited to 4-6 students.  With the limit of 4 parked cars, 2 cars would need to park with 2 students commuting together to my house to have a max of 6 students.
.  Cats:  I have cats.  So if you are allergic to cats, don’t sign up for class or take precautions.
.  Stairs:  Classes are in my garden level basement.  You must be able to go up and down stairs.
.  In-Class Supplies:  Each student gets their own grinder, grinder cookie, and Nick’s Grinder’s Mate.  Each student (or pair coming together) gets their own workbench, Windex, Paper Towels, Alcohol, Cotton balls, ruler, and silver sharpie.  Any used supplies must be cleaned by student using disinfectant wipes at the end of class.  Students will share straight edge cutters and may not be 6 feet apart at all times.
.  Appointment to look at glass/supplies:  Students can make an appointment to come 30 minutes before class to look at glass.  Only one spot available per class.  Students can also schedule an appointment to shop a day or time outside of class time, just not the hour after class.
*     *      *
Beginners:  All students make the beginner project shown above.  Pick out your own class selection 24 hours or more before the first class or instructor will pick out glass for you. Beginners learn the steps of the copper foil method of stained glass (cutting, grinding, fitting, foiling, soldering, and framing). Try Great Glass Galore tools the 1st week, then purchase or rent tools by the 2nd week. Rent tools ($25), purchase tools ($128-$203 plus tax), or bring your own tools.  Pay the materials fee of $75 or bring you own materials.  The materials fee includes copies, transparencies, dura-lar, glass, foil, solder, flux, metal frame, hooks, and chain.
  • Beginners move to the non-beginner classes once they finish their first project.
Non-Beginners:  Work on whatever you want at your own pace (lamps, boxes, clocks, large windows, fusing, mosaics, stepping stones, or another stained glass panel).  Get added help and tips to advance your stained glass skills and knowledge. Materials and tools not included in class fee.

Private Lessons: $36/hour 1 student, $48/hour for 2, $60/hour for 3
Business Hours: Retail and wholesale customers are welcome by appointment.