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Glass Challenges and Upcoming Classes

By Christine Adams - September 11, 2023

Hello Glass Friends,
This has been my most challenging pattern ever.  I started working on the pattern about 6 months into my glass hobby when my amazing teacher told me I needed a real challenge.  That was January 2019.  So I went for it.  Unfortunately over the next 6 months, my father was in end stage prostate cancer and my mother had a stroke, recovered, followed by another surgery and rehab.  To say it was the most challenging time in my life is an understatement. 

My dad became a wood carver and later a wood sculptor after his retirement and he pushed me to follow my dream of learning stained glass.  He was very gifted.  I never knew that the first class I took with Linda would lead to where I am today.  I owe alot to my dear friend and appreciate her more then she will ever know.  I know she has touched alot of you as well.  I worked on this pattern while with my father before his passing and he called it my materpiece.

When he passed I put it away and didn't touch if.  I just couldn't.  Then two years later just before my mother passed, she and I were talking about it and she told me I really should finish it.  She passed shortly thereafter.  That began the process of finishing this project.

It is just under a 1000 pieces and way too many tiny pieces, lol.  Every step was a challenge and I walked away many times and worked on another project.  Design was a challenge, cutting was a challenge, foiling was definitely a challenge, but finishing it was the biggest challenge.  On day one of soldering just when I finished I found two cracks.  I repaired those.  The next day when I went to start side 2 I found yet another crack.  I repaired it and moved on.  I finally finished the entire project and was finishing patina when I noticed yet another crack.  It was in that moment I realized this piece wanted an imperfection and I'm happy to keep it.  Life and love are full of imperfections.

This piece was designed around devotion, commitment and enduring love through the good and bad in relationships.   It became about the added grief of losing a loved one.  In the end it is called Devotion and is about the full circle of emotions that goes with love.

I will share a picture when we can finally see it in full light.  It is off to be framed.  Thank you for letting me share the story around this piece.

So no matter your skill level or how long you have been doing glass, there will always be challenges and frustrations.  Lean in...

Thank you Linda for always pushing me to be better and do more.

Upcoming Classes
Beginner 3 Week Class - Fridays - Sept 15, 22, 29 1-4pm  $300  2 spots left
Pumpkin/Fall Tree Class - Saturday Sept 23 1-4 pm  $100 - currently 4 spots left
Witch Hat - Saturday Sept 30 1-4 pm  $100 - 6 spots left

Beginner 3 Week Class - Saturdays Oct 7, 14, 21  1-4pm  $300 5 spots left
Bat or Halloween Tree Class - Saturday Oct 28  1-4 pm  $100 - 6 spots left

See the website for more information on all available classes.  Enjoy this wonderful fall weather!  Call to register or to schedule appointment for supplies.

Thank you,
Lenahan Art Glass