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Rosie Update and Class Schedule

By Christine Adams - February 3, 2024

Happy Wet and Dreary Weekend!  The weather has been lovely but this rain can move on past us.  Good thing we have a Heart Suncatcher Class today to chase away the rain.

Rosie Update

Rosie's 1st surgery was Wednesday.  The first day and night were really rough but she is healing up and doing really well.  She is already weight bearing on it and luckily is a great medicine taker.  Due to her size she has a huge amount of pills to take each day.  She is not a fan of the cone of shame but at least it is a little comfy.  I think she is enjoying the concierge service of everything and everyone looking after her.  :)  Her 2nd surgery is in 4 weeks.

Upcoming Classes

I've added 2 evening classes in February.  These will be 3 day 3 hour classes.  Beginner / Non-Beginner
February 5th, 7th & 12th  6:30-9:30  4 spots available
February 21st, 26th & 28th  6:30-9:30  4 spots available

Regular Beginner / Non-Beginner Classes
These are two 4 hour sessions.  You pick the dates when you register.
February 9th  12:30-4:30  4 spots available
February 23rd  12:30-4:30  2 spots available
February 24th  12:30-4:30  4 spots available
March 1st  12:30-4:30  6 spots available
March 2nd  12:30-4:30  5 spots available
March 8th  12:30-4:30  7 spots available

Beginner Class Fee $300 all inclusive
Non-Beginner Class Fee  $180  - students pick their pattern and buy supplies.  Many pattern options to choose from.

Project in a Day Class
Shamrock or Irish Tree - 7 spots available
March 9th 1-4pm
Class Fee $100

Stay warm and dry and I hope to see you soon!
Lenahan Art Glass