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SPECTRUM glass manufacturer closing

I thought I would pass along this information if you haven't heard yet.

Spectrum Glass's official statement is below along with a link to their press release:

Dear Spectrum Glass community members;
We are making an extraordinarily difficult announcement today. After serving the art and specialty glass industry for 40 years, it is with very heavy hearts that we must announce the closure of Spectrum Glass Company. Due to several factors, it is no longer financially feasible for our company to continue to operate.
We will continue manufacturing through June and July 2016, and will sell the product inventory currently on hand over the months ahead.
Please know that our primary concern is to help ease this difficult transition for you and all the people we?ve been proud to work with and serve. We are exploring opportunities to transfer our product lines to other manufacturers to help minimize disruptions in sourcing.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our partners, customers, artists and others who have supported Spectrum Glass over these past four decades, and who continue to support us now. We will communicate updates here and via other channels as we wind down our operations.

You'll find more information about why we made this decision here:
Questions and/or comments can be emailed to